Wil Wheaton’s TableTop Nominated for Notable Machinima or Video Series – Dragon Slayer Awards 2014

Vote for TableTop as Most Notable Machinima or video series, for this year's Dragon Slayer Awards
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GameSkinny’s sister site, Guild Launch, is hosting their third annual Dragon Slayer Awards, and they need you to choose who will win! Nominated for Notable Machinima or Video Series is a wonderfully entertaining YouTube show known as TableTop

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For anyone unfamiliar with TableTop, here’s what you need to know. The show is hosted by Wil Wheaton, who you might recognize from shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Big Bang Theory, or Felicia Day’s web series The Guild. TableTop is co-created by Wheaton and Felicia Day, and it first premiered on Felicia Day’s YouTube Channel, Geek & Sundry, when it launched in 2012.   

Geek & Sundry recently hit 1,000,000 million subscribers! 

During each episode, Wil Wheaton invites some of his internet-celebrity friends to play various tabletop games with him. Depending on the general length of the games, Wheaton and his friends might play 2 or 3 games in an episode, or a particularly long game might take two episodes to finish. Wheaton and friends have played a wide variety of games ranging from more family-oriented games like Dixit or Ticket to Ride, to tabletop RPGs like Dragon Age.

Other than the fantastic guests, one of the greatest things about TableTop is that it acts as an entertaining how-to-play guide to every game featured on the show. At the beginning of each episode, Wheaton introduces a game and gives a general description of how it’s played. Then, as the game goes on, helpful tips and important rules are briefly explained in the context of what is currently happening. 

TableTop finished its second season in February this year. A few months ago, $1,413,844 was raised for a third season through Indiegogo, greatly surpassing the original goal of $500,000.

So, why should you vote for TableTop as the most Notable Video Series this year? 

Maybe because the show encourages everyone to get their friends and family together and enjoy each other’s company while playing a fun game at the same time.

Maybe because the show introduces several games to people who would never have played them before. In fact, according to starlitcitadel.com, some games’ sales have increased significantly after being featured on TableTop.

Or maybe, it’s because of the passion Wil Wheaton and the rest of the people involved have for the show, and for sharing their love of board games with the world. 

Whatever reason you may have, you can go vote for TableTop at the Dragon Slayer Awards page, right here

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