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Wildstar Fanfiction – #01 Heritage | UberPeterbus

The beginning of the story about the young Granok "Peterbus" on Nexus.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Editor’s Note: UberPeterbus is making some of the first Wildstar fanfiction! Give it a listen. Or a read. Or both, you overachiever, you.

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Here is the transcript for the video I’ve highlighted the phrases that are not part of the official Wildstar lore (yet *hrhr*). Thank you for watching and listening! 🙂

I am Peterbus. Son to Gre. Son to Sirik. Son to Konon. I am no descendant of Durek. My Metamo played no important role in the war for our home world against the Dominion. We did not betray our culture, as Durek did. Yet I am a Merc. I have known little else and I shall crumble being a Merc. My Metamo did not choose this path. We were exiled with the traitor Durek because we healed some of his wounded warriors. Our wounded warriors. No matter how grave the offence to the gods, your ancestors and everything that you hold holy, we are all made from the Grekk T’kal, the first rock in the whole of existence, which others have given the name “Gnox”. Not to help those who are as you are is betrayal beyond salvation. The elder council ruled anyone being a traitor that contributed even the smallest thing to Durek and his followers. No one was forgiven, not the Sediment Groomers that feed everyone nor the Marmor Singers that chant our ancient songs in to the winds. Thus Konon and Sirik chose one betreyal over another, giving up their claim to, one day, joining our ancestors dust scattered all over everlasting Gnox. By giving, they lost everything.

When I was little more than a pebble, I often asked Sirik why he and Konon did not fight the decision of the elder council. The only answer I ever got was, that it was a just ruling. I asked why the council did not forsake their heritage by not aiding Durek, who was their kin, to which he simply replied:

“My dear little flint. Durek never asked for help knowing full well everyone coming to his aid would be forsaken. The council chose to stand by and watch, healing those that were wounded before Durek took up arms and practising our ancient ways to deliver those that had fallen to the Grekk T’kal. Others chose a different path. We were no more right, than they were. In war, not everything is just. What would you fight for, if in the end the very thing you fought for is gone?”

“This is what Durek did. He knew that he was giving up what he was protecting by doing so. Preserving our ways, our culture, our home, was worth giving up his individual claim of being a part of it all. He paid that price willing- and knowingly, just as we did, by choosing to aid him.”

“But why were we exiled? We used our skills, our means of mending cracked stone and not the alien technology like Durek did! Our offence was not near as grave!”, I would reply heatedly. Sirik in return smiled his sad smile that told me there was truth to my words and explained that it was the councils right to choose the harshest punishment there is for our kind. Being apart from the roots of the Grekk T’kal was like drifting through the cold emptiness between the stars itself.

But the Granok are a durable people. We do not easily crumble or chip. Even suffering every day since we left Gnox, we do what our laws bid us to do. We protect the brittle, we aid the frail and we serve justice until we turn to dust again. This is the reason why I am here on the front lines of Nexus, establishing bridgeheads and escorting those who are too vulnerable without me and my kin.

 They are curious creatures, soft and easily broken, but some have the heart and courage of the Granok. We do not fight for vengeance. The Dominion was beaten and left. We fight because of the injustice suffered by those who call themselves Exiles. Their cultures are different from the Granok. They should have received aid and fair treatment but instead were given war and death. We will not stand by and let them suffer. We will not allow the Dominion to continue with it’s unjust capriciousness. They are not worthy of the place they seek among the stars. We will fight them. We will stop them. I will have justice.

There will be more in the coming weeks leading up to the Release of Wildstar and of course, after that. If anyone is interested in joining in, be it with lending me their voice, music, art or even connecting their own characters story with mine, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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