Will the Arkham Series Continue Past Arkham Knight?

Do you think that the Batman Arkham games will stop being made after Arkham Knight?

We’re all eagerly anticipating the ‘end’ of the Arkham Series. Well, I suppose I can’t say that we’re excited to see it go, but I for one, can’t wait for Arkham Knight to be finally released this June after its delay from last October. The game is reported to be the finale of the series. 

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I have to ask, “Is this really the end?”

The games are wildly popular and have spawned comics, toys, and a DC Animated Movie that pays serious homages to the games. Given that the franchise it making DC and Warner Bros. a ton of money, I feel that they won’t really let the series die.

So, what exactly will happen with The Dark Knight? I believe that we will see more Arkham games, but we will see them in the period after Origins and before Asylum. I felt that Roger Craig Smith did a great job in voicing the role of Bats, albeit, it’s a far cry from Kevin Conroy. Nothing against Smith at all; but when I hear the voice of Batman, I hear Conroy.

There are more stories that could be told in the early stages of the Caped Crusader, and I think the fans would love to see those. Maybe we could even go before Origins for a Year One story? We could even go way into the future and see a game that’s based on Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. I know that I’d love to see older Bruce Wayne on a horse, leading his team of vigilantes into the streets of Gotham.

With such a rich history for the character and countless stories to draw off from, do YOU really think this is the end for Batman?

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