Will We Be Seeing The Last Guardian at E3 2014?

Will Sony be showing off The Last Guardian at E3 2014?
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If there is one game that has had a rocky development cycle, it is The Last Guardian. First announced at E3 2009, The Last Guardian has gone through development hell (you can read my article on the game’s development cycle here). Yet, through everything that the game has gone through, the PlayStation nation has always kept their hopes up for The Last Guardian. E3 2014 just may rekindle the fire behind Team Ico’s project.

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Part of the reason this fire keeps on being resparked is the fact that every time we think the game is going nowhere, there is confirmation that the game is still in development. Team Ico filled the last year with assurances that the game is in “full development,” and that Sony is waiting for the “right time” to show off the game. What time would be better than E3 2014?


PlayStation 4, anyone?

The Last Guardian may have to skip over the PlayStation 3. At this point, I feel Team Ico will transfer the game over to the PlayStation 4. Final Fantasy XV (formerly Final Fantasy Versus XIII) also went through development hell, and is now seeing new life on the PlayStation 4. Why can’t The Last Guardian do the same?

We know of other PlayStation 4 exclusives. The Order: 1886, DRIVECLUB, and the next Uncharted. I feel that re-revealing The Last Guardian and giving a release date could top those games, and LG could be one of Sony’s biggest announcements this year. So many Sony fans are still waiting for this game, and it would be a great PlayStation 4 exclusive.

If there is any time for Sony to revitalize The Last Guardian, it is at this year’s E3.

We will see the game being displayed, and that fans will rejoice. In March, Sony’s Scott Rhodes stated that Team Ico’s project is “still in the mix,” and that they are waiting for the right moment to show the game off once again. E3 would be the right time. 


What do you think? Will we see The Last Guardian at E3 2014?

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