Winter Olympic Games Skins 2014

The League of Legends Winter Games skins are out just in time for the Olympics. Get them before February 23.

In honor of the Sochi Winter Games, League of Legends is releasing several Olympic themed legacy skins. In total there will be 8 skins, available from February 7-23, before they return once again to the vault. So if you've been waiting for these skins to re-emerge, now is your chance to pick them up in the Riot Store. 

Vancouver Amumu 

The saddest mummy gets his own Olympic skin with Vancouver Amumu. 


Vancouver Amumu In Game Art 

While the in-game art for Vancouver Amumu is definitely more colorful than the splash art, it's still pretty cute. 

This skin is available for 520 RP. 

Team Spirit Anivia 

Going out on a limb here and assuming that the Freljord phoenix is rooting for Team USA. 

Team Spirit Anivia In Game Art 

In game, Team Spirit Anivia looks no less patriotic. 

You can pick up this skin for 520 RP. 

Union Jack Fiddlesticks 

Fiddle definitely brings the kooky scarecrow look to the British flag in this Olympic themed skin. 

Union Jack Fiddlesticks In Game Art  

You can get this skin for 520 RP in the Riot Store. 

The Mighty Jax 

Carrying a hockey stick, Jax's Winter Skin is spot on for the Sochi Olympics. 

The Mighty Jax In-Game Art 

While I'm confused by the pink and cerulean look of the costume, it still looks like Jax and a hockey player. 

You can pick up this skin for 520 RP. 

Whistler Village Twitch 

While this skin looks more "Winter" than "Winter Games," it's still a fun skin for a regular Twitch user. 

Whistler Village Twitch In Game Art 

You can pick up this skin for 520 RP. 

Ice Toboggan Corki 

A fun skin with lots of Winter Games panache. 

Ice Toboggan Corki In Game Art 

This fun skin is available for 1820 RP in the Riot Store. 

Festival Kassadin 

A Winter Games skin for Kassadin. 

Festival Kassadin 

You can pick up this Olympic Winter Games skin for 520 RP. 

Curling Veigar 

Last but not least is Curling Veigar! Finally, your favorite sport and your favorite magical dude together in one skin! 

Curling Veigar in Game Art 

You can pick up this skin for 520 RP in the Riot Store. 


What are your favorite Winter Games Skins?