World of Tanks: A Community as Passionate as They are Massive

World of Tanks players show their passion for the game in their art and tournament participation.
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World of Tanks boasts an incredibly large community, with over 45 million registered players world-wide. From what little I’ve played of the game, I can say it has some of the nicest players I’ve ever run across. It’s clear that the World of Tanks community loves the game. From the art to the myriad of tournaments, World of Tanks players are truly passionate.

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The Fan Art

I love fan art. It’s a great way for a community to show their love for the characters of a show or game. The World of Tanks community absolutely blew me away with the amount of fan art they produce–just doing a cursory search drowned me in a sea of absolutely beautiful work. The World of Tanks website even has a whole section dedicated to art made by the community. There are amazing drawings:Elbe Day

Papercraft tanks,

Paper Tank Contest Winners

clan propaganda posters,

Clan Propaganda Posters

and much more.

Player Participation

World of Tanks has a massive and active community. Tournaments are a big deal. There are daily tournaments available on the World of Tanks website, three tiers of championship tournaments (open, minor, and major), and many other player-organized events. The massive fan turn out for these has even lead companies to get in on the action. NVIDIA announced its own tournament back in March, with a chance to win graphics cards and a $100,000 prize pool.

World of Tanks and its players hold a Guinness World Record for the Most Players Online Simultaneously on One MOG Server. It was set in January of 2013, when 190,541 players logged into a Russian World of Tanks server.

The World of Tanks community is large, but that has in no way diluted the devotion of the players. They use their talents to express their love and turn out to support the game. I am convinced the World of Tanks fanbase is as passionate about the game as they are massive.

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