World of Tanks [Dragon Slayer Nominee] – Most Passionate Fan Base

World of Tanks is up for nominee of Most Passionate Fan Base. Go vote today on the Dragon Slayer Awards!
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Many online games can be difficult to play alone, and World of Tanks can be one of them. This online game has utilized the ability to form guilds, clans, and military unions, in hopes of defeating your enemy at the time. Although the game is as enticing as it is with their community, they’ve also provided amazing gameplay and artwork for their loyal players. Instead of like most online games, World of Tanks doesn’t involve quests; this game is all about the action in armored warfare. 

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Realistic Artwork

While playing World of Tanks, one would notice that everything is vividly depicted with realistic aspects. Since World of Tanks is based on armored warfare through military tanks, it has to look realistic or lose the military feel. As anyone would imagine there are people part of the World of Tanks community who also take pride in making fan art for their beloved game. They’ll take scenes and make them more in depth and give them emotion.

World of Tanks Clan-Community and Tournaments

This game has formed many community bonds, but not in a way you would expect. Other games such as MMOs and MMORPGs, have quests and story-based missions to accomplish. Within World of Tanks, there are military missions, geopolitical games, and types of free-play. Most people form a clan or guild to battle against each other, and this comes in handy with their multiple tournaments. World of Tanks is always offering tournaments for their community to take part in, while keeping them coming back for more. available available Dragon Slayer Nominee – Most Passionate Fan Base

For those of you who aren’t savvy to the Dragon Slayer Awards, World of Tanks is up there for ‘Most Passionate Fan Base’. Gather your clan and go vote for them if you’re a passionate player with pride.

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