Wowcrendor Nominated for Best Machinima or Video Series 2014 – Dragon Slayer Awards

Wowcrendor has been nominated for the 2014 Guild Launch Dragon Slayer Awards. Find out why you should vote for his series.

Gameskinny’s sister site Guild Launch is hosting the annual Dragon Slayer Awards now. These awards try to showcase and promote some of the best that gaming has to offer. There are six nominated for the award of  Best Machinima or Video Series and now you get to learn about one of them: Wowcrendor.

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For anyone who doesn’t know, a Machinima is when is when a video creator uses real-time computer graphics engines to create a video or a movie.   This is the case for the titular creator of the Wowcrendor Youtube Channel who has gradually progressed to a Machinima super star.  

From his humble beginnings of writing a script while he was in his college math class, Wowcrendor has put his skills to use and started making videos about World of Warcraft.  The channel’s first video was released in January of 2009 but the channel didn’t take off until the video Unreleased Cataclysm Trailer was released.

 Everyone knows that World Of Warcraft or WoW has a huge player base and is one of the most popular MMORPGS of all time.  Any video parody of WoW or its community was bound to get views, but the way Wowcrendor does it, with his own personal brand of snark really helps these videos popularity.

One of his most notable of video series is the How to Win series, in which Wowcrendor tells his audience (and sometimes a new player named Billy) how to win at certain aspects of World Of Warcraft and other games like League of Legends.

He has other series as well. In one, he explains how to tell if your Pug, raid or battleground will fail. In another, he speculates as to what NPCs are thinking. In all his videos, fun and silliness abound. 

In a bizarre way, Wowcrendor is parodying the WoW community and attempting to educate them at the same time.  He does videos about other games, especially if they are WoW spinoffs, and they all end up quite humorous no matter what they are about.

 Why should you vote for Wowcrendor for this year’s Best Machinima or video series?

Each video is made with love for the game. Wowcrendor has a style of humor that doesn’t rely as much on swearing as some funny people do, but more so on observational humor and snark at others’ expense. It never seems mean-spirited, and one of the best things about Wowcrendor’s Machinima is that not only is he poking fun at others but he’s also poking fun at himself. 

Wowcrendor’s series of videos are the perfect parody and love letter to the World of Warcraft community. It’s hard to think of any other series topping this funny guy…even if he makes Pointless Top 10s about ceilings.

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