You Get a Free Taco on Behalf of Plants vs. Zombies 2

Citizens of New York got free tacos today, courtesy of EA.

Citizens of New York got free tacos today, courtesy of EA.

The Kimchi Taco truck in New York was handing out free tacos today! Why? On behalf of EA/Popcap’s new installation of their hit series Plants vs Zombies, they decided to give everyone a taco. If that’s not great marketing I don’t know what is! Kimchi handed out the food following a Twitter announcement.

All jokes aside, the Plants vs. Zombies 2 crew was handing out waffles and swag today as well, for the release of the game that is now available at the GooglePlay store for Android devices.

Plants vs. Zombies originally debuted for the PC and Mac in 2009, and then headed to mobile devices in 2010 where the game found its home. With Plants vs. Zombies 2 for Android, users will have all the same features found in the iOS version of the game. 

Zombies walk among us!

Zombies will move from the right side of your screen and try to make their way to the other side while you have to use seeds for plants to grow into your own army of defense.

All of the classic plants make an appearance along with new ones like the coconut cannon and fire-breathing snapdragon.

There is a new feature called the plant food system where zombies will drop food, and once you place the food on a plant it will release some sort of super power that you can save for when you’re really in a tight bind.

You can play through all the levels without spending any money, but as with any game that allows for in-game purchases, your progress will be a bit slower, and there are some plants that you can’t use unless you buy it. 

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is available for iOS and Android devices for free!

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