You Play Like a Girl! — But You Panel Even Worse

PAX East panelists discuss the issues women face in gaming.
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On the last day of PAX, several women came together for the You Game like a Girl panel, which addresses issues women face in the gaming world.

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Present were Stella Chuu, a cosplay model, Iris Explosion, sex educator, Anja Keister, with D20 Burlesque, Shoshana Kessock with Phoenix Outlaw Productions, and Susana Polo, managing editor with The Mary Sue.

Why I Decided to Completely Rewrite

As a professional writer, I try hard to give quality content that offers either information, humor, or insight to particularly hot-button issues. I attended this panel with the hope that these women would be able to offer alternatives to what they think is the “industry standard” for women in gaming. Sexy outfits, booth babes, tits or gtfo, etc. That simply didn’t happen.

When I walked into this panel, the first thing they did was announce that each member of the panel was a lesbian–okay, that’s cool. No problem there. I’d say it took about five minutes from the first person sitting down before the typical “feminazi” behaviors became apparent. It was a major disappointment. I gained nothing from sitting in this panel other than a massive headache from the bitching.

The panel was nothing but ranting and raving about women not needing male approval–which yes, I agree, but nothing else was offered. None of the women were able to give up insightful alternatives to changing the image in the industry or how to change the way women are treated.

If any of the panelists end up reading this article, understand that I am interested in this issue–but I am not interested in hearing you pointlessly whine about it. Come up with some great alternatives, and then hold a panel at PAX.



Editor’s Note: This is simply the opinion of the writer and is in no way a reflection of the opinion of GameSkinny as a whole. It is also worthy to note that the writer is actually a woman who found the panel to be extreme man-bashing feminism (not to mention an enormous waste of time).

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