Zapp’s experiment seems awfully familiar…

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High in the aether, Zapp, esteemed associate professor of Meteorology in the College of Statics and Elementalist extraordinaire, begins the first set of experiments to determine why the weather changes.  His hypothesis, inspired by the Zephyrites, involves a change of solar energy into lighting, which provides the electrical energy needed to change global winds.  It is hoped if the theory is proven correct, the electrical energy can be subverted to keep the weather static and balmy year round, avoiding the destruction and calamity of rapidly changing weather systems.Zapp contest entry

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For this experiment, Zapp is using the following equipment and methodology:

  • AZephyrite “lightning aspect” kite, it is believedZephyrite materials can safely harness the theoretical electrical energy of lightning, otherwise this may prove to be quite dangerous.
  • A monocle, allowing a slight level of magnification needed to read these infinitesimally small gauges.  Complete with illumination gold trim and chain.
  • A sturdy leather Aetherblade Mantle, tanned to a rich midnight gold color, not only aesthetically appealing, but providing support for long minutes needed to hold the kite out, trimmed in illumination gold.
  • A midnight sky Aetherblade Vest, with barometric pressure gauges.
  • A pair of midnight sky Aetherblade Gloves, with temperature gauges, and a sprocket that measures electrical energy output, brand new, patented as “Zapp’sboltmeter‘”.  All of course trimmed in illumination gold, we spared no expense for this experiment!
  • Midnight sky Aetherblade Pants and tanned leather utility belt in midnight gold with illumination gold aetherometer to measure the distance to the ground.  Heightometerwas installed on the belt so that it is not used as often to avoid vertigo and nausea.
  • Well worn, broken in, comfortable, sensible pair of Heritage Shoes made of tanned leather to midnight gold with the tops turned down.  They give my, that is, they give Zapp’s toes wiggle room.  However I, that is, Zapp, perhaps should have considered electrical grounding capability.  To be noted for next round of experiments.
  • A book on hair styling called “Koss on Koss”, at least it is believed to be a book on hair styling.

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