Zelda Games – Handheld vs. Console, a Difficult Decision

Have you found it difficult to play Zelda games on a handheld?
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I’m a very hardcore Zelda fan, and I invested in three handheld Zelda games. For some reason I just can’t bring myself to play them, and I think I found the reason why. This may seem silly, but I think they reign true for most gamers.

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Handheld games are more casual for me than long-term

When I pick up my Nintendo DS, I’m not preparing to play for days on end, but more for the moment. I play games such as Animal Crossing and Style-Savvy. These are all games that are a day-by-day basis, instead of a long-term game with a story plot. You can miss days without many repercussions (most of the time), which is good cause I usually forget I even have a DS on most days.

Although I bought Minish Cap, Phantom of  the Hour Glass, and Spirit Tracks on the DS they seem a little out of place for myself. When I think of a Zelda game, I think of my Nintendo 64, GameCube, and even Wii. It clicks in my head that these games are Zelda, but it still seems a bit odd. Something else must be missing.

I love playing Zelda games with others

When I’m playing a Zelda game, I usually like to pull other people in to play it with me. I’ve always been that was since Ocarina of Time, when I would play it with my sister and cousins. While playing on the DS or handheld device, you can’t share the experience with people, or watch it on a TV. That takes away a big part of gaming I enjoy, which is playing with others. It brings in a whole new social interaction beyond a normal conversation. You’re set together to play a game and figure it out as a team.

So what do you guys think? Are you more avid to play Zelda on a console, or do you prefer those handheld devils? Share with a comment below!

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