6 Games We Want to See Turned Into Fighters

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Fighting games have been around for more than a four decades, spawning great original series such as Mortal Kombat, Tekken, King of Fighters, and Soul Caliber. While each of those franchises had its own unique style and combat system, every title within those franchises had truly hard-hitting attacks, those that left you satisfied when you managed to land one, especially in a difficult combo.

However, original fighting games aren’t the only things to come from this gaming subgenre. Games based upon other series and franchises, like Marvel vs Capcom and DC’s Injustice, have become just a popular in the scene. But are there other franchises that could be turned into fighters?

With that questions in mind, here are six games we’d like to see turned into fighters.

Heroes of the Storm

With the success of Blizzard's MOBA Heroes of the Storm, it almost makes sense for the developer to have a go at a fighting game. In fact, it could be an extension of the HotS MOBA, where the same characters go toe to toe in a 1v1 arena. Heroes of the Storm: Brawler Arena or HotS: Pit Fighter, anyone? The nice thing here is that there are enough characters in HotS for everyone to find the right character to fit their playstyles.

BioWare Brawler

Much like Blizzard, BioWare has a wide variety of games from which to pull characters for a mash-up fighting game. Of course, characters from their Dragon Age and Mass Effect series would grace the roster, but so would characters like Wu the Lotus and Sky from Jade Empire, as well as Revan and Bastila Shan from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Just imagine the epic battle between Shepard and Revan, fighting in the halls of the Citadel or on the plains of Dantooine.


Warriors Orochi

The Warriors Orochi games are a mashup of Koei’s two hack-n-slash franchises, Dynasty Warriors, and Samurai Warriors. The series already has some roots in the fighting game genre: the first Dynasty Warriors was a fighting game before the series veered into the hack-n-slash genre with subsequent games. Since the Warriors’ games already make use of combos for massive attacks, the series could easily transition back into the fighting genre where the heroes of old face off in duels to the death.


A fighter in the Borderlands universe would be interesting. I could see 2K throwing out the guns (for the most part) and making this game based more on bouts like bar fights. Brick and Hammerlock would approve the use of fisticuffs over firepower.

Of course, abilities like siren powers, swords, and Deathtrap would be taken into consideration when it comes to combos. And you know what? Maybe a few hidden guns; this is Pandora after all.


Metal Gear Solid

With the Metal Gear Solid's wide variety of characters, this Metal Gear fighting game could easily play host to an amazing roster of fighters for the player to choose from. Including the many different versions of Snake, Quite, Raiden, and Psycho Mantis would be awesome. Just remember you’ll have to plug your controller into the other controller port if you’re fighting Psycho Mantis in single-player mode!


Going with another Konami title, the Suikoden series has covered a few genres already, including RPG and turn-based strategy, so adding a fighting game to its list of genres would be no big deal. Each game in the series boasts 108 characters (108 Stars of Destiny), so there would be plenty characters to choose from. And that's not to mention the developer could use the runes from the original games to augment move sets, further enhancing the game and its fighting styles.



Let’s finish up with a knockout, shall we?

Fighting games have been around for a long while because they’re fun and satisfying to play. The gaming industry has given us, the players, a wide variety of games in the genre, both original and those adapted from other series. So, it’s not a stretch of the imagination that the series that were listed here could one day have a fighting game of their own.

That wraps up our list of games that should have fighters of their own! What other games do you think would make an excellent fighter? Let us know in the comments below!

Published Jun. 20th 2017



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