Mario Kart Tour Koopaling Driver: Earn a Score of 6,000 or Higher

If you've been lucky enough to pull one of the 7 Koopaling siblings, a brand new challenge awaits that will test your abilities on a range of courses.

The infamous Koopaling siblings have finally arrived as drivers in Mario Kart Tour with the launch of the Tokyo Tour, and of course they have their own challenges. One of those challenges is to earn 6,000 ore more points on a single track.

This can either be extremely easy or more difficult depending on which of the seven Koopalings you've managed to pull so far. 

Koopaling Driver 6,000 Score Challenge

To get to 6,000 in one map you first need to spend some time leveling whatever Koopaling you've pulled from the pipe.

A higher level means both a better chance of getting a frenzy as well as bonus starting points on any given track, so if you have any driver level up tickets, now is the time to use them

From there, make sure to use the favored driver, top tier kart, and best glider for a track so you will have you start with around 1,000 points immediately.

When the map starts, tap the screen on 2 to get the immediate boost, and make sure to use your items as quickly as possible, because you lose out on points if you hit the next item box and haven't used everything in your current inventory yet.

Which specific map and kart you use will vary depending on which Koopaling you have. 

Using Wendy is one of the easiest ways to complete this challenge, as Choco Island 2 is covered in jump boosts and has a large jump in the middle with two tiers of coins to glide through that make it extremely easy to hit 6,000 points quickly.

If you don't have Wendy, your best bet is to hope for a frenzy and tap the screen like crazy with one of the other Koopaling siblings. Here is the complete list of favored courses and their corresponding best karts for each of the Koopalings:

  • Iggy - Choco Island 2R (Cheep Charger, Super Blooper, or DK Jumbo)
  • Larry - Kalamari Desert R (Landship or Chrome DK Jumbo)
  • Lemmy - Rainbow Road R (Landship), Mario Circuit 2T (Circuit Special)
  • Ludwig - Bowser's Castle 1 (Bullet Blaster), Kalimari Desert (DK Jumbo or Badwagon)
  • Morton - Kalimari Desert (DK Jumbo or Badwagon)
  • Roy - Kalimari Desert T (Slipstream Plus or Landship)
  • Wendy - Choco Island 2 (Royale)

When Koopaling, course, and kart combo did you use to complete the challenge? Let us know in the comments below!

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Published Oct. 11th 2019

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