Nintendo Treehouse at E3 2016 Won't Just Be Zelda

Nintendo reveals first details on their E3 livestream, featuring members of Treehouse. In case you were wondering, they won't just show Zelda.

Heads up, Nintendo fans: the company has announced the Treehouse livestream dates for this year's E3, which will be a two day event on June 14-15. While the upcoming The Legend of Zelda for Wii U will still be the only playable Nintendo game on the show floor, it'll hardly be the only one shown. Nintendo has lined up several games for the event.

Pokémon Sun and Moon will kick off the program on the 14th at 9 AM PT. The second day will focus on other upcoming titles scheduled for Wii U and 3DS this year, such as Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past and Monster Hunter Generations. Pokémon fans can also look forward to a Pokémon GO developer Q&A, which will open the second day's livestream. It's been implied these won't be only games shown, so those curious will want to stay tuned for the full schedule.

Will you be watching the Nintendo Treehouse livestream this E3? Let us know in the comments below!

Image Source: Gematsu


Published Jun. 3rd 2016

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