5 Modern Collectathon Platformers to Play Before Yooka-Laylee Releases

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4. Super Mario 3D World

Wii U

There certainly will never be a shortage of Mario games any time soon. From his space exploration adventures in Super Mario Galaxy, to fighting with his own friends in Mario Party, the dynamite character from Nintendo appears in a whirlwind of titles that have defined every single one of the consoles they appeared on. So it only seems fitting that one of the Wii U's best titles is another great Mario platforming game.

Combining many of the elements that made earlier games in the franchise a success, such as suit power ups and multiplayer modes, Super Mario 3D World stands tall as a title that defined Nintendo's short lived system. With a plethora of colorful worlds to explore, treasures to find, and enemies to defeat, any owner of the Wii U most definitely should have this in their collection.

Published Jun. 17th 2016

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