Jamie Lee Curtis Dresses in Cosplay for Warcraft Premiere

Jamie Lee Curtis and her son dressed in cosplay for the Warcraft premiere.

Jamie Lee Curtis has taken to social media to post two photos of her and her son in full on cosplay. The two dressed as an orc warrior and an orc shaman for the premiere event of Warcraft. Perhaps this should come as no surprise because Jamie Lee Curtis is no stranger to cosplay, this isn't even her first time as a character from World of Warcraft. What does make this rather shocking, though, is that most people dress in high fashion for the red carpet and that Curtis isn't even in the film. 

She received very positive feedback on her photo via Instagram and Twitter. It seems everyone was super excited that she attended the event in green skin. 

I think we can all agree that Curtis is the coolest mom ever and that they both look amazing! Doesn't this make you want to walk a red carpet in cosplay?!


Published Jun. 7th 2016

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