Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: How to Get Rock Smash HM

Getting Rock Smash in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is a bit different than you might remember.

You’ll find Rock Smash in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl quite early on, but you can’t use the HM right away. Much has changed in the Gen IV remakes, including how you access and use Hidden Moves.

This quick BDSP guide will tell you where to find Rock Smash and whether it’s worth your time to use. 

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Rock Smash Location

You’ll get Rock Smash as soon as you enter Oreburgh Gate, the short cave system connecting Jubilife City to Oreburgh. The Hiker at the western entrance gives you three Rock Smash TMs (TM 98). You can go ahead and teach your Pokemon the HM now, assuming they can learn it (obviously), but you won’t be able to use the Hidden Move Rock Smash until after you defeat Roark, Oreburgh’s Gym Leader

But don't worry: there aren't a bunch of hoops to jump through. 

This is where the difference in the Pokemon remakes is. After defeating Roark, you don’t have to teach your Pokemon Rock Smash to use it. Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl let you use the Pokemon Watch to summon a lone Bidoof who knows every HM.

Once you have permission to use the Hidden Move after defeating Roark, you can just walk up to a breakable rock, press "A," and choose to use the HM. That's all there is to it. Pretty easy!

Is Rock Smash Worth It in BDSP?

Yes, at least early on. Rock Smash has low attack power, but it lowers your target’s defense as well. It’s a handy move for whittling down tough foes, and it’s a good way to add some Fighting type moves to your roster at a time when your only other choice is Machop. Stick it on Geodude or even your own Bidoof to give them something more interesting to do in battle.

That’s it for our Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Rock Smash guide. Now you know how to get the Hidden Move and use it. For more, make sure to check out our other Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl guides for more tips and tricks.


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Published Nov. 30th 2021

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