Top 7 power armors in video games

#2: CryNet Nanosuit 2 - Crysis Series

The feature suit of Crysis 2 and is my personal favorite on this list. Able to send energy to one of three different "modes" at a time, the armor is fully versatile with cloaking capabilities, enhanced defense, and super-strength. The Nanosuit 2 allows its wearer to leap great distances, run at astounding speeds and perform on the battlefield like no other.

Much like the Sword of Godric Gryffindor in Harry Potter, the Nanosuit 2 only takes on that which makes it stronger, absorbing energy in forms such as radiation, static, kinetic, and carbon emissions. The shell's Ionic Electroactive Polymer Liquid Armor makes the suit extremely resistant to harmful radiation and blunt force trauma. Wearers of the Nanosuit experience an advanced reaction time of 0.08 milliseconds, and the armor is EMP resistant. 

Published Oct. 29th 2015

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