Five of the Best Android Games to Play in 2016

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Android games are getting better and better. More big publishers -- such as Square Enix, Bandai Namco, and EA -- are developing games for the platform, and tablet titles now have much better 3D visuals more comparable to consoles. These are five of the best Android games to play in 2016.



DomiNations was one of the most notable new Android games of 2015.

This is the best MMO strategy game since Clash of Clans. Its gameplay is much the same, as you build up a nation by collecting resources -- like food and gold -- and invading other nations with your army to climb the rankings.


As a Brian Reynold's title, it is in some respects comparable to the Civilization series as it includes a tech tree and different ages to advance through. Players can advance their nation to the Space Age, and each age has its own set of Wonders to build.


In DomiNations you can play through its single player campaigns, but it's primarily a multiplayer game. You can join alliances, and the recent World War update has added alliance wars to DomiNations. As it's freely available it offers great value, and you can add it your Android device from this page.

Cut the Rope: Magic

Cut the Rope is one of the best established game series on Android with more than 800 million downloads. In Cut the Rope games, players feed candy to Om Nom by cutting ropes and collect stars. At the end of last year, the series got its latest installment with Cut the Rope: Magic.


Cut the Rope: Magic has a new transformation element. With this transformation you can transform Om Nom into new animals. For example, you can transform into a mouse, bird, fish, or ghost. This new mechanic adds a new dimension to the gameplay.


Aside from retaining the gripping gameplay from earlier Cut the Rope games, this addition to the series also has a little extra graphical gloss. The game has vivid colors and some great lighting effects.


Cut the Rope: Magic is certainly getting some rave reviews on its Google Play page. This is also a freely available title, and you can add it to your tablet or mobile from this page.


Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is raising the bar for Android gaming. This sci-fi first-person shooter is a direct sequel to Dead Effect, in which Grey has killed off Wagner after discovering she was a part of a Dead Effect experiment on the ESS Meridian. The sequel has a cooperative multiplayer mode in which players can play through the game levels.


Dead Effect 2 is pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming by making the most of Android & NVIDIA technology. With that it has stunning console-quality 3D graphics with high quality textures. Added to that is its atmospheric soundtrack and audio effects.


There's plenty of gore in Dead Effect 2 with hordes of zombies to blast through, and it also has an interesting plot. This is a free Android game with IAPs included, and you'll need extensive storage and least one MB of RAM for it to run smoothly. You can find further details for Dead Effect 2 at its Google Play page.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne is a high thrills racing game rated among the best titles on Android. You might have seen the trailers for this game, which has slick 3D visuals and a great physics-engine. So this is a racer filled with ramps across its various tracks that send players airborne for 360 degree jumps.


The game has a variety of exotic locations for you to race through in single player or multiplayer mode. It includes tracks in Venice, Tokyo, Nevada Desert, San Diego Harbor, Dubai, and more besides. Unlike most racing game that have linear race tracks, in Asphalt 8's circuits you can take alternative routes that might give you a shortcut in the race.


Asphalt 8 also has a terrific soundtrack. It includes a mix of licensed music such as Bloc Party and Mutemath & The Crystal Method.


The best thing is that Asphalt 8 is freely available on Google Play. However, it does require a hefty 1.8 GB of internal storage. With dream cars, high-octane physics and fantastic 3D graphics, this is certainly an Android game to play in 2016.



For another console-quality title on the Android and iOS, check out SoulCalibur. This is one of the foremost console combat series that has made its way onto the Android with this port of the first SoulCalibur title. It is one of the best Android combat games ever in full 3D, and if anything the graphics are enhanced on the original.


All the cast from the console game, and their special moves, have been faithfully restored in the Android and iOS versions. You can play the battle mode from the arcade version in which you battle your through each opponent that stands in your path. The game also includes a time attack and survival modes that give the gameplay a little more variety.


This game is retailing at a hefty $13.99 on Google Play, but it doesn't include any IAPs. You'll also need to have about 226 MB of storage available on your Android device.

Published Mar. 21st 2016



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