Skullgirls' Third DLC Character Funded; Who Will You Vote For?

Get ready to vote for the third Skullgirls' DLC character.

Con-fudging-gratulations to Lab Zero Games for not only raising Squigly and Big Band, but also funding a third Skullgirls' character and their story and stage. At the start of the campaign, I'm sure they did not expect this amount of support from their fanbase and the amount of interest the fund generated in new players.

After the full funding was received, the last of the mystery Skullgirls' DLC characters were revealed. The last two characters are the divine Double-like character named Aeon and Filia's hair parasite, Samson, in a much bigger, scarier form. These two along with the rest of the characters are detailed here.

When the voting starts, an e-mail will be sent out to everyone who donated $1 or greater. There will be four voting rounds. The first round will give you three votes to spend on any of the characters. The second round will give you three votes to spend on the top 16 characters. The third round is 3 votes for the top 8. The last round is 1 vote for the top 3.

Which one of the new Skullgirls (and guys) will you be voting for?

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Published Mar. 26th 2013

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