How to Start Pokemon Sword and Shield's Crown Tundra DLC

Pokemon Crown Tundra has arrived. Here's how to start and get to your latest Pokemon Sword and Shield adventure.

The Pokemon Crown Tundra DLC is available now, bringing an all-new set of challenges, a vast region to explore, and plenty of Pokemon to Pokemon Sword and Shield. However, some players have been wondering how to start and how to get to Pokemon Crown Tundra. Luckily, accessing the Crown Tundra DLC is almost as easy as actually downloading the expansion itself. 

Below, I'll show you how to get started in the Pokemon Crown Tundra DLC, whether you've beaten the Sword and Shield base game, Isle of Armor, or neither! 

How to Start Pokemon Crown Tundra

While you can't access the Galarian Star Tournament until you've beaten the main game, Isle of Armor, and Crown Tundra, you can still head to Crown Tundra whenever you want.

Update Pokemon Sword and Shield (Buy the Expansion Pass)

The first thing to do is pretty basic. Update your Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield game if you already have the Expansion Pass.

If not, buy and download the Expansion Pass first. But make sure to get the version that fits with your game. Nintendo relaxed their no refund policy, but it's best to avoid the issue anyway.

Boot up the game and go to Wedgehurst Station

Once you load your file, the game gives you a Crown Pass and says you can use it at Wedgehurst Station. Head there, and speak to the person next to the barrier to choose Crown Tundra as your location. Make sure you're prepared first, though.

Prepare before you start or get to Crown Tundra

Even though you can get to Crown Tundra whenever you want, many of its battles are designed with the assumption you've got a game-winning team already.

Battle Peony

A scene kicks off once you arrive in Crown Tundra and leads to your first Crown Tundra battle with Peony. His team is Steel-oriented and consists of:

  • Copperajah (lv. 70)
  • Aggron (lv. 70)

Bring Fighting, Water, Fire, and Ground pokemon along for the fight. Defeat Peony, and you're ready to start and get to business in Pokemon Crown Tundra. If you found this article helpful, consider giving it a share! Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Pokemon Crown Tundra guides in the coming days. 


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Published Oct. 23rd 2020

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