Monster Tale Remake Announced for 3DS

DreamRift announces Monster Tale remake for Nintendo 3DS. Monster Tale Ultimate is expected to be released this spring on the e-Shop.

Monster Tale is making a comeback. The 2D handheld platformer is returning in the form of a reboot. The game was originally released for the Nintendo DS in 2011. The game’s developer DreamRift has announced that a remake is in the works titled Monster Tale Ultimate. The game will be available exclusively for the 3DS. The game’s graphics will be improved, with all the visuals redone in 3D. Also the gameplay will be improved and has gone through some rebalancing. There is also new orchestral background music added. Players can switch between the game’s original soundtrack and the new orchestral soundtrack.

The game is about a young girl named Ellie and her adventures in Monster World with Chomp, her monster companion. They must work together to stop the evil Kid-Kings who took control of Monster World and bring peace to land and get Ellie home. Monster Tale had originally received good reviews among critics, with the game being praised for its graphics, combat and Metroid like game play.

Monster Tale Ultimate is anticipated to be released this spring on Nintendo’s eShop.


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Published Apr. 3rd 2015

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