5 Elite: Dangerous Streamers You Need to Subscribe to Right Now

Streaming Elite: Dangerous on Twitch is a niche. But there a Commanders who are doing it right.

If you search for active Elite: Dangerous streams on Twitch, you are not going to find too many.

But, just as with the EVE Online community, Elite: Dangerous has dedicated channels which are streaming high quality content and drawing the attention of thousands of people.

This list will show 5 of the Elite: Dangerous Commanders who are streaming their bellowed game.

You should subscribe to all of their channels right now! Of course, if you haven't done it yet.


This channel belongs to Commander Kerrash, who was the first Elite: Dangerous Ambassador.

CMDR Kerrash is a dedicated Elite: Dangerous player, and his Twitch Channel is entirely dedicated to promoting the in-game Community. He is also trying to invite guests every week to discuss the game -- sometimes he even invites Frontier Developments developers.

Kerrash is also very chatty and always happy to answer all questions and give advice.

Overall, KerrashLanding is very friendly place to be for any Elite: Dangerous fan, or even someone who is not sure if the game is worth to try.

Watch live video from KerrashLanding on www.twitch.tv


Another streamer who is very dedicated to the Elite: Dangerous Community. He thinks that they are the most amazing bunch of people and players he has ever met.

Rezri has been streaming since 2014, and he tries to make sure that his stream is as friendly and light hearted as possible.

He is also very chatty and always happy to dish out in-game advice, and trick and tips.

His streams include all sorts of activities, and are full of action and friendly chat.

Watch live video from Rezri on www.twitch.tv


HughMann is the the first streamer I started watching, and later was a huge pleasure to be the part of the same Streaming Team, called TEAMTIIQ.

CMDRHughMann has amazing personality and has tonnes of energy to lead long discussions on chat, and provide constant action on the screen in the same time.

If you want to spend a very entertaining time while watching some good Elite: Dangerous gameplay, this is certainly the place for you.

Watch live video from CMDRHughMann on www.twitch.tv


Strayn is relatively new streamer, but what I really like about his channel is the way he presents the game to the public. He is very keen to explain exactly what he is doing on screen.

If you could charactorise Stay's work, it would be; he has tonnes of passion, and a feeling of freshness with all his work.

I am sure this channel is not the first choice for many Elite: Dangerous players, but it should be. Give it a try!

Watch live video from CMDR_Strayn on www.twitch.tv


Who is Fireytoad? Well, he is probably the most funny guy I've been watching. He wants to be a full time streamer, and certainly he has all skills to achieve this goal (if he didn't do it yet!)

Also if you like listening to some singing -- Fireytoad is your guy.

One more feature of his channel, he uses the HCS Voice Pack, so anyone wondering how good it is should check out one of Fireytoad's streams.

Fireytoad uses the HCS Voice Pack very often, and it's cool to experience and witness the AI of his ship talking and interacting with the pilot during the game.

Watch live video from Fireytoad on www.twitch.tv

And that's it folks! 

Of course there are more streamers and probably very good ones. I am sure that my suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg for the must watch Elite: Dangerous channels.

If you would like to suggest more E:D Streamers -- please let me know.


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Published Feb. 27th 2017

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