5 More EVE Online Streamers You Should Be Watching Right Now

Twitch TV EVE Online Channels worth watching if you want to learn how to play EVE Online.

Couple of days ago I published the list of 5 EVE Online Streamers You Should Be Watching Right Now. It seems that EVE fans were mostly happy with my suggestions although very quickly it started huge discussion in communities on Twitter and Facebook.

It became clear that I missed few very popular streamers. Now I am extending my list with 5 new Twitch TV Channels dedicated to EVE Online.


Very pleasant to watch. As he admitted -- he is complete Newbro (new player). This is probably the main reason why people like to watch his gameplay.

Ships used during his stream are achievable by really new players and it is quite apparent that Veetus is still learning. He does not hesitate when he needs to ask questions, and he is not trying to pretend to know more than he actually knows.

I think that actually for me Veetus TV is the most interesting amongst EVE streamers.

One of the first EVE Videos from Veetus streams shows exactly his pure Newbro nature. I love it!

Watch live video from Veetus on www.twitch.tv


There are a lot of reasons why evescout's Twitch channel must be on the list. 

Firstly, I am member of Signal Cartel founded by Johnny Splunk, who is streaming on evescout. It means that actually he is sort of my boss. But also he is the most gentle and helpful person you can imagine.

He was the one to greet Veetus with fireworks in the clip above.

There are other reasons why evescout must be on the list. He is the best source of practical knowledge about exploring in vast space of EVE Online. Johnny Splunk goes around exploring a lot, and certainly he must be seen as one of the best.

When I was looking for nice and peaceful Corp for my Newbro EVE adventure -- evescout channel convinced me instantly.

Watch live video from evescout on www.twitch.tv


Lokival comes from a slightly different angle than Veetus and evescout. His streams concentrate more on FW (Factional Warfare) PvP. EVE is all about Corporations and factions therefore Lokival is a "must watch" for everyone being into this kind action.

It is also worth to mention that with Lokival you can expect all sorts of giveaways, such as their Friday PLEX giveaway.

I very much like that Lokival is not so over the top when streaming -- regardless of the tense action on the screen, he always seems to be very professional and collected. Perhaps I didn't see him when he was really mad?

Watch live video from Lokival_The_Nub on www.twitch.tv


A lot of overall skill, good fighting skills, and great banter comes with Mister Rushlock. I think that he was the most mentioned streamer by all EVE players I have asked, "who is the best streamer to watch to learn and have fun?"

Rushlock is a very good player from what I could see during his stream. He also is quite happy to answer questions and explain what is he doing. Plenty of people are watching his streams and asking him for advice about their own gameplay.

Let me tell you this; if you want to see some decent EVE gameplay -- watch Rushlock! As long as you don't mind some mature language.

Watch live video from Rushlock on www.twitch.tv


I watched MarkeeDragon a couple of days ago, and as every other EVE streamer he is very good and a pleasure to watch. For me the deal breaker to put him on my previous list was his spaceship -- the Astero from Sisters of EVE. I must have this ship as dedicated explorer, so I left him off due to jealousy. Sorry!

What else I can recommend? You can always see a lot of good gameplay, exploring, scanning, and all sorts of useful knowledge being passed to people watching.

MarkeeDragon also has giveaways and the look of old pirate!

A highly recommended Twitch channel to watch if you are EVE fan.

Watch live video from MarkeeDragon on www.twitch.tv

By now, I know that lists of EVE Twitch Channels you should watch will never end. I am sure that with the above list and my previous list I introduced a few days ago, every EVE player looking for some good learning and entertainment -- while mining for example -- will be able to find something for themselves. I did -- and am now watching all 10 channels!

If you know more Twitch Channels we should attach to our lists, let us know! Or perhaps you can recommend some EVE YouTube Channels as well? All of this can be in the comments below.


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Published Feb. 13th 2017

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