DSA: Profile of Community Manager Nakatoir!

Dragon Slayer Awards: The only awards show for gaming communities, decided by the gaming community.

Nakatoir, also known as Sam Dempsey, has been nominated for a Dragon Slayer Award based on his excellent community management. Although he is a CM on the European English language team for Blizzard, he originally hails from Australia. 

Nakatoir has been a CM for Blizzard since November 2011. While not as well known as some of the CM's for Blizzard he has made that huge impact in the PvP community which will help him with the votes immensely.  A huge PvP'er Nakatoir has the support of lots of the community, and Arena Junkies on Facebook have shown much support for him this year. 

Along with Blizzard's other finest; Bashiok, Daxxarn, Zarhyn, Nethaera and Rygarius - I wish Nakatoir and everyone the best of luck in the voting! 

CM's do great work, reading all the forum posts and answering all of our questions. Make sure to go vote here for your favourite


English, Priesty Heals, Geek Chic Original, Nerd.

Published Aug. 6th 2013

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