10 things we want from the Suicide Squad video game

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10. Replay value

It's not every day you get to make this type of game and expect commercial success. Let's hope the studio does something great with it.

Replay value means having more than just a single strong element or hook. If we have to grind through the weak points in a Suicide Squad video game just to get to the end, odds are that we won't replay it.

It's essential that the studio doesn't drop the ball on the little things:

  • Create a variety of different enemies and puzzles so we're not bored
  • Add a few choices so that we'll want to decide differently next time
  • Let each character be fun and different enough to merit their own playthrough

Did we hit everything? A good game takes a lot more than just 10 good things, but we come to expect the rest as the bare minimum.

Once the game is out, it'll be good to look back and see how it matches up to our expectations.

What else would you like to see in the Suicide Squad video game? Let us know in the comments!

Published Oct. 10th 2015

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