7 Worst RTS Games Available on Steam

Dawn of War 3

How the mighty have fallen.

The Dawn of War series is easily considered one of the best RTS franchises and Warhammer 40k games ever created. Though the third expansion of Dawn of War I received mostly negative feedback, the core game and two subsequent expansions to it were so good that it easily ranks among the best RTS games ever.

When Dawn of War II came along, though many were disappointed by the radical departure from the base-building and large army creation from the first game, it still proved to be a solid game. Relic took a leap of faith by drastically changing the gameplay mechanics with a campaign that felt more like a tactical ARPG. The MP experience, however, still gave a great RTS experience, and the game still received high scores and ratings across the board.

Relic took yet another gamble with Dawn of War IIIand this time they lost hard. As what can only be described as an odd mix between traditional RTS and MOBA, fans of either genre found the game remarkable in neither aspect. Features that defined Relic's RTS games of the past, such as morale, cover systems, veterancy, or destructible environments, were all stripped in Dawn of War III.

And if the lack of features weren't enough, other hallmarks of the Dawn of War series like engaging plots and over-the-top quality voice acting were also gone.

But why is it on the list? It's neither a great RTS nor a MOBA, but at least it's not riddled with game-breaking bugs, nor is it unplayable. And that's true. The main reason Dawn of War III has made it on the list is because Relic announced it was abandoning any further support for the game. That means no new races, expansions, or updates for a game that is less than a year old. Rather than attempting to fix the mess they had, one of the biggest RTS developers ever has simply decided to abandon its own ship.

Published Feb. 14th 2018

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