Battlefield 5 TTK Changes Reverted Following Fan Outcry

In the face of community-driven criticism, DICE has decided to reverse a newly implemented update that generally decreased Battlefield 5's weapon damage.

Over the last weeks, DICE has announced, and then implemented, a first round of changes to Battlefield 5's Time to Kill (TTK) values, which effectively reduced the damage of many of the game's weapons. Now, the company has decided to reverse these changes after a vocal portion of the playerbase has spoken out against them.

In a post on Reddit, DICE outlined that the game's original TTK values would be back in place today and that this rollback would not require a Battlefield 5 client download. The response to this announcement has been quite positive, with the thread's most upvoted comment being, "It's a Christmas miracle."

TTK values determine how quickly a player can kill their opponent in a first-person shooter, and finding just the right speed is a balancing act that requires developers to consider veterans and newbies alike. While players that have a long history with a franchise, or first-person shooters in general, may prefer a quicker and more skill-testing TTK, this can create a frustrating experience for those trying to break into the genre.

From the preliminary announcement to the initial implementation, it has been clear that DICE is attempting to address this phenomenon by adjusting TTK values. The company hints at this point again in the announcement of today's reversion:

It’s important to acknowledge that we have a challenge bringing new players into Battlefield V and onboard them to become more experienced Battlefield players. It’s been a challenge across our games for a long time...

However, following the community outcry, it is clear that some players did not consider these TTK adjustments to be acceptable attempts to cater to new players. That said, DICE is still committed to finding solutions to this problem, and it notes that the process will not be "easy, nor will it be quick."

Reverting back to original TTK values also means that the newly added "Conquest Core" playlist, a separate mode for those players that wished to play Battlefield 5 under the old TTK system, is no longer needed. It has been removed, and DICE has put a hold on plans to implement further "Core" playlists.

The ability for fans to unite and give direct and immediate feedback to developers, as was the case with Fortnite's Infinity Blade, is truly a boon for players vested in these evolving franchises. While it certainly must be hard for developers to be so thoroughly challenged on each of their decisions, it is commendable that DICE has acted promptly on the community's desires.

The company may not be any closer to building a friendlier experience for new players; however, the decision to revert these changes is certain to gain favor with franchise veterans. Now, fans will just need to wait and see what the company's next attempt to expand the player base brings.

DICE's announcement of the TTK reversion can be found on Reddit.


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Published Dec. 18th 2018

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