7 Games That Need to Make the Jump to VR

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Pokemon Snap

Platform: Nintendo Switch VR

Pokemon Snap is an on-rails, first-person-photography puzzle game on the Nintendo 64. Take a minute to process that.

Not much would have to be changed about Pokemon Snap for it to be made into a VR title. All you do is look around using an analog stick and take pictures by pressing a button. Replace "an analog stick" with "the headset" and that’s a VR game ready to go. 

Pokemon Snap was ported to Wii U, and I assumed it would make use of the GamePad to take pictures. But they completely missed an opportunity and it turned out to be a carbon copy of the original -- lacking innovation. Then the Switch arrived, which is essentially a more refined concept of the Wii U, and Nintendo still hasn't capitalized on a game they made 18 years ago -- which is perfect for their modern systems.

Hopefully, they won't miss the boat when the time comes for them to tackle VR.

Published Aug. 21st 2017

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