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Cosplays are fun. 

People put in a whole lot of work to portray their favorite characters, and it's only fair we take a few seconds to admire them. So I thought I'd share some of the ones that stood out to me from PAX! 

If I don't mention cosplay credit, it's because I do not know who these people are and was unable to figure it out with the magic of reverse image searching. If you do who these wonderful cosplayers are, please let us know their names! 

Ciri and Yennefer (Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt)

Starting off our list are two ladies from what is probably the best RPG of 2015.

The costumes are perfect, and they nail the characters right down to a T. Only thing missing in this picture is Geralt himself. We'd like to see the whole cast! 


Credit: Eve Beaureguard as Yennefer. Unfortunately, I do not know who did Ciri, so leave a shout out below if you do!

Nightmare (Soul Caliber)

Next up we have Nightmare from the Soul Caliber series. 

The amount of detail put into the Soul Edge (Nightmare's signature sword) alone does this character justice.



Nothing says Deadpool more than wearing the skin of a Pikachu he'd just killed. 

"It doesn't?"
"What?! Of course it does you $%@$"
"Deadpool, go away."


Credit: MrRepzion




 Lord Shaxx/Vex Hobgoblin (Destiny) 

They're a long way away from the Tower and the Vault of Glass. But hey, at least they dropped by! 



Gordon (Half Life 2) 

There should be no explanation as to why this is one of the best cosplays out there. 

The resemblance is uncanny. Gordon? Is that you?! 


 Raiden (Metal Gear Rising)

You have to appreciate the amount of detail put into Raiden here. The visor in particular is close to perfect. 

Yeah...I know it's Raiden's old model (as seen in Metal Gear Solid 4) instead of the new one. But the classics are always the best. 


Diana (League of Legends)

Lunar Goddess Diana. How does she get her hair like that...?

This is going to bother me for a while.


Rengar (League of Legends)

Rengar has spotted Teemo. 


Tracer, Widowmaker and Reaper (Overwatch)

Overwatch looks great, doesn't it? Hurry up Blizzard, you've already got some gorgeous cosplays!


Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) 

And lastly, Lara Croft.

She may look a bit battered right now, but you're probably going to find a bullet lodged in your head if you make the wrong move.

Well, that's all for my picks. Did I miss any that stood out to you? If I did, don't hesitate to share! 

Published Sep. 3rd 2015


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