Black Ops III earns $550 million in first three days

Within three days of launch Black Ops III managed to generate over half a billion dollars in global sales, says Activision.

Less than a week has passed after the launch and Call of Duty: Black Ops III is already breaking various sales records. Activision today announced, that the game has scored over half a billion globally in its opening weekend, which according to the company makes it the biggest entertainment launch of the year. (Fallout 4's stats still pending.)

Engagement per player also set a new record for the Call of Duty franchise. More than 75 million hours online in its opening three days were played.

"Call of Duty's millions of passionate fans have shown us, yet again, the strength of their commitment to this enduring franchise," said Bobby Kotick, Activision Blizzard's Chief Executive Officer. 

Activision compared the launch to theatrical openings and movies and claimed the launch to be bigger than any entertainment launch this year including games, movies, and plays. 

Senior VP of merchandising for GameStop said, "The game's story line, new features and intense zombie mode, have helped make it our most successful title launch so far this year."

"As we‘ve said from the start, PlayStation is the best place to play Call of Duty, and this record-breaking launch shows how true this statement is. Black Ops III is the biggest launch of the year so far, and the PlayStation Nation is ready. We're proud to call PlayStation the home of Call of Duty and look forward to supporting our community with DLC map pack content first," said Adam Boyes, VP of Publisher and Developer Relations, Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Black Ops III also became the most streamed and most viewed game of any game launch in 2015, as reported by Twitch.

Black Ops III was released on November 6 across PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. The game received an official review score of 6 on GameSkinny. 

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Published Nov. 11th 2015
  • tobes325
    These figures make me sad more than anything, I have never seen the big attraction towards this franchise!
  • astik_anand
    Must be because of the hype. Pretty sure Fallout would top these.

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