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Even when Wizards of the Coast design a new Magic: The Gathering set for a specific format, such as Modern Horizons set for Modern, they still pay a lot of attention to the Limited formats.

Modern Horizons is a very exciting set for drafting. Yhere are several cool tribes, including Slivers, Bears, Goblins, and Changelings, which are basically any creature type.

This list of the best Modern Horizons cards for Limited has all the finest cards a set can offer, so check it out and prepare well for your Limited events either online or local.


Bounce spells and tappers are often considered to be the best cards for Limited formats, and for a good reason.

A card like Man-o'-War can remove an annoying early blocker from the board, and force an opponent to cast it again, which basically wastes their mana.

In the late game this card can literally save your whole game by bouncing some big attacker that could kill you, while Man-o'-War can also serve as a chump blocker, which is far better than if it were a non-creature spell.

Irregular Cohort

Two 2/2 creatures for four mana is a good deal in Limited no matter how you look at it. But this card has an upside, which is hidden in its creature type.

Changelings are awesome! They synergize with any type of creature buffs, whether it's Bears for Ayula, Slivers for The First Sliver, or Goblins for Pashalik Mons.

Irregular Cohort will work in all these cases, which makes it one of the most valuable common creatures in Modern Horizons.



Instant removal spells are always welcome in Limited as long as they have a justified mana cost. While Mob is slightly on the more expensive side of things with its five mana cost, the Convoke ability allows you to cast it for free if you have five untapped creatures on board, one of which being black.

But in most cases you can simply use your creatures to reduce the five mana cost and pay the rest with your lands. Either way Mob would be a fantastic addition to any black deck.

Windcaller Aven

Everybody's looking for efficiency when drafting cards in Limited, and Windcaller Aven is definitely one of the most efficient commons in Modern Horizons.

It basically provides players with two choices: you can either play it as a high-end flying creature, or you could cycle it for just one mana, and draw a new card.

If you have another creature on board, then you can also give it flying until end of turn before the combat step.

This makes Windcaller Aven a good draw not only in the late game, but also early in the match-up.


Krosan Tusker

This beast is very similar to Windcaller Aven in terms of its flexibility.

If you draw it early in the game, then you can cycle it, draw a new card, and draw an additional basic land.

If you draw it in the late game, you can play it as a big threat. It will work great in both cases.

Twisted Reflection

Here is another removal spell that has probably one of the best and most creative design solutions in recent years.

Separately, the two abilities do your typical blue things, but combined together with the help of Entwine ability it can kill almost any creature. That's where black comes in.

But even if you don't have black mana to support the Entwine effect, you can still benefit a lot from the two abilities on their own.


Etchings of the Chosen

When reading this card one would assume that this is only good in Constructed formats. However, Modern Horizons offers a ton of Changelings that can support any other tribe that you can draft in Limited.

Then, this enchantment becomes really valuable, and it has the potential to win you games one by one.

The most significant tribe in the set are Slivers, so focus on them while drafting. But other creature types should also do the trick.

Battle Screech

Battle Screech has been a Pauper mainstay for many years since it was printed at common rarity in Vintage Masters set, and experience shows that this card is so powerful that it can change the game by its own merit.

You can cast it on turn four, and if you already have another untapped white creature on board, you can immediately cast it again with the help of the Flashback ability.

As a result, you will have four 1/1 flying creatures for four mana, which is basically game-winning.


Fact or Fiction

FoF isn't your typical card draw spell, which has been reprinted many times already. It's an entire strategy packed into a single piece of cardboard.

This card can be just as good in Limited as it is in Constructed, as you get to choose which pile to put in your hand, and that is something your opponent can never guess.

Basically, it has no drawbacks, and having an instant speed makes a perfect preparation for your next turn. That's where the good ol' "EOTFOFYL!" phrase stems from. (End of turn, Fact or Fiction, you lose!)


This is a fun twist on the old Limited staple card - Gravedigger. But this time it has Changeling, which makes it perfect for any and all tribal decks.

Even the artwork is similar, and yet it's not exactly the same. So a strictly better Gravedigger should be an auto-include for almost any type of black deck.

Also, if you have two of these in your draft, you can go infinite with them by returning each of them from the graveyard.

Rotwidow Pack

Spider tribal isn't something you see everyday in limited, but it looks like Wizards of the Coast went out of their way to deliver a fantastic finisher for Golgari decks.

This is also another card that benefits greatly from Changelings, as in that case Rotwidow Pack can deal even more damage for each Spider you control.

The five-mana ability is a bit expensive, but that's why you should play this card mainly in the late game, unless you really need to stop one of opponent's flyers quickly.

Thundering Djinn

Cards like Thundering Djinn really make Limited formats some of the most fun to play in Magic: The Gathering.

In the worst case scenario it can deal one extra damage off the card you've drawn during your draw step. But if you have a card draw spell, then it can deal enough extra damage to kill one of opponent's creatures.

This effect is repeatable, which is far superior than any ETB/LTB effects.

Winds of Abandon

WoA is by far the best removal spell in Modern Horizons, and it's not a surprise that it's a rare card.

Such flexibility allows you either to remove an annoying blocker or attacker early in the match-up, or straight-up finish the game by removing an opponent's entire board for just six mana.

This is a certified Limited bomb that you don't want to miss during your Draft or Sealed games.

Pashalik Mons

Godlin tribal decks are notoriously very aggressive in any MtG format, and Pashalik Mons brings back that power level to Modern Horizons Limited.

It is actually completely self-sustaining, and all it needs is one more Goblin or a Changeling to start the token generation and the pinging.

Then, you can start sacrificing one of your tokens and just keep breeding more before your opponent finally finds a way to deal with Pashalik.

But before that happens you will have enough 1/1 Goblins to kill your opponent and win the game.


Endling is incredibly flexible! All four abilities are relevant in Limited, and the last two can make it really hard to remove.

The first ability is really good for aggressive plays, and the second one can deal with any big threat. So there are no downsides to this fantastic rare card.

In this regard it is very similar in design to Brightling from the Battlebond set, and that one showed excellent results whenever it was played.

Published Jun. 4th 2019


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