How to Raise Friendship in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Friendship is important in Pokemon BDSP, especially if you want certain evolutions. Here's how to raise it.

Spending time to raise friendship in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is important for certain Pokemon evolutions, but it also has carryover effects in battle. Pokemon naturally get more friendly as you travel with them, but there are additional ways to boost their affection even more, most of which don’t require much extra effort from you. 

Here's how to raise friendship in BDSP, as well as a more detailed rundown of what it does. 

How to Raise Friendship in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Pokemon BDSP give you plenty of ways to raise friendship levels, and you’re using one of them every time you play: walking around. Having a Pokemon in your party raises its affection, and you can raise friendship even more by walking around with it outside of its Poke Ball.

In the original Diamond and Pearl, taking Pokemon for a walk in Amity Square meant a significant boost in friendship, though we haven’t noticed a difference between walking in the park and just walking anywhere else.

Have your ‘mon hold the Soothe Bell (found in the Pokemon Mansion) while walking for an even bigger friendship increase. Pokemon caught in Luxury Balls have naturally higher friendship, though you don’t get access to these until later.

Using items can also raise friendship, though giving your Pokemon vitamin items — Carbos, Protein, and the other rare, expensive stat enhancers — results in a bigger friendship boost. Some berries will raise friendship, but at the cost of the Pokemon’s Effort Values (the numbers that determine their stats).

Feeding them Poffins, entering them in Super Contests, and using them in battle all raise friendship and make your Pokemon friendlier. Just don’t let them faint in battle, or it reduces their affection quite a bit.

Finally, any Pokemon you receive in a trade or send in a trade have their friendship reset, regardless of what you did to them. If you're ever unsure what your Pokemon thinks of you, there's an app on your Pokemon Watch that lets you tap one of your party Pokemon to display a sign of affection.

And if it's low, you know how to raise friendship levels.

What Does Friendship Do in Pokemon BDSP?

Certain Pokemon will only evolve after you raise friendship levels to a high enough point. These include:

  • Eevee: Evolves into Espeon (during the day) or Umbreon (at night)
  • Cleffa: Evolves into Clefairy
  • Pichu: Evolves into Pikachu
  • Riolu: Evolves into Lucario
  • Budew: Evolves into Roselia (during the day)
  • Togepi: Evolves into Togetic
  • Azurill: Evolves into Marill
  • Munchlax: Evolves into Snorlax

Friendly Pokemon also get bonus buffs in battle, typically to help deal with difficult situations. They might shrug off a status affliction or endure a hit that would otherwise knock them out.

That’s it for how to raise friendship in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, but check out our other Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl guides for more tips and tricks.


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Published Dec. 1st 2021

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