Top 5 Video Game Holiday Memories

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by TumsST

Tis' the season to be jolly!

The Christmas season is all about spending time with the ones you care about, like your family and friends. I have the best family that anyone could ask for and the holiday seasons gets me thinking of the good times we shared together. Wouldn't you know it, video games have been a part of that as well. Being nostalgic always puts a smile on my face and has helped me create some of my best writing! If it wasn't for the great memories I have, who knows where I would be?  I know I wouldn't have my love for Mega Man 3 and Pokemon like I do if it wasn't for my past!

Allow me to welcome you into my Christmas memories complete with classic video gaming!


Mega Man 3

In the good old days when I was a youngster, my family would go to my Grandma's house in Jersey City, NJ to celebrate Christmas. My brother and I would get so many things but one year I became good friends with a certain "Super Fighting Robot" named Mega Man! It started my love for Mega Man and one of my favorite games, Mega Man 3. Now, I know that Mega Man 2 gets credit for being the best Mega Man game but that won't stop me from loving Mega Man 3. It's the fact that I got it for Christmas all those years ago that makes me love it so much.

Pokemon Red and Blue

I was in 5th grade when the Pokemon craze started where everyone would bring in their Game Boys and play at lunch time. They would also bring their Pokemon cards to school for lunchtime as well. My friend got me started by showing me the promo video that Nintendo sent out and I have him to thank for me liking Pokemon.

For all the money that goes into Pokemon, should I thank him or hate him? Anyway, I remember knowing I was going to get Pokemon Red and Blue for Christmas but I couldn't believe my parents were making me wait until Christmas to start my journey in Kanto. Pokemon Blue started my love for the franchise and water-starter, Squirtle (still my favorite Pokemon).


Super Nintendo/Super Mario World/Donkey Kong Country

I've grown up with Nintendo games and one Christmas, I received the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, along with some great games like Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country. I got my Super Nintendo late in the lifespan of the system so that's why I was playing Donkey Kong Country after Super Mario World. Who wouldn't love to hook up the SNES to the television and meet some new friends like the various Yoshi, Diddy Kong, and Funky Kong. The Super Nintendo was a big step forward compared to the NES and helped Nintendo gain an even bigger following!

Nintendo 64/Super Mario 64

I really wanted to get my hands on a Nintendo 64 and Super Mario 64 for Christmas. I wasn't like the N64 kid in that youtube video but I was excited for a kid. I remember going to our local mall and playing Super Mario 64 in Sears when they still had the demo station in the video games department! One of the best games from Nintendo, Super Mario 64 set the bar for making 3D games and was followed when the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was released.


Sega Dreamcast/Sonic Adventure/NFL 2K

I remember that I wanted the Sega Dreamcast when it came out because of how great NFL 2K looked. I felt the same way about Sonic Adventure. NFL 2K is still one of my favorite sports game. I also feel that Sonic Adventure is one of the best, if not the best Sonic game in a long time.

My brother loved the fact that the Dreamcast had play-calling for NFL 2K on the memory card in the Dreamcast controller so I wouldn't be able to see what plays he was calling. I loved the graphics and dialogue for Sonic Adventure, having characters speak their lines, unlike other games at the time. Sonic games should follow the formula that Adventure did so well.

Published Dec. 14th 2014


My name is Steve and I'm from New Jersey. Been a Nintendo fan for as long as I can remember and have enjoyed writing. Also a fan of the Devils/Jets/Mets.


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