New Overwatch short films set for 2016 release

Overwatch fans can expect to see more animated films based on the series in 2016

Overwatch hasn't got much publicity in the past year, but after Blizzcon it seems like the news surrounding this MOBA-inspired shooter has been coming out in waves. In the last three days alone we have received a launch date and special edition bundle, as well as three new heroes looking to join the fight for the future.  This time Blizzard has announced something related to the game, but not part of the game itself via this Twitter post:

That's right! According to the Twitter post (seen above) we can expect to see several short animated films released over the course of 2016. The behind-the-scenes video embedded in their tweet also shows a brief glimpse of what we can expect from our favorite heroes in the upcoming shorts.

For those who enjoyed the original cinematic trailer released around this time last year this is incredible news. Many fans have been hoping to see a feature length film based on Overwatch ever since its original cinematic trailer was released. With an art style and plot design that screams Pixar or Marvel's Big Hero 6 animated film, it comes as no surprise that fans want more.

Considering the fact that Activision Blizzard has recently opened a new movie and TV studio, maybe we can hope to see more Blizzard franchises in films and TV shows in the future. Personally, I would love to see a full-length Starcraft film.

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Published Nov. 7th 2015

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