Activision opens new movie and TV studio

Activision opens new production studio to adapt games like Skylanders and Call of Duty.

With the incredible amount of hype surrounding the new Warcraft movie, Activision Blizzard has announced a brand new production studio to take advantage of all properties the company owns. 

They have expressed interest in creating more out-of-game content for games like Hearthstone, and are already planning on making a movie based on the Call of Duty series.

Nick van Dyk, who worked as a strategist at the Walt Disney Company, has been announced as co-president of this new studio. The creative executive is yet to be announced.

Skylanders Academy is the first TV show in production, based on the very successful video game Skylanders. This new animated series, as well as a bevy of other planned content, is currently in the process of hiring writers, directors, ad editors. 

These past few weeks, Activision Blizzard has rapidly been expanding their company, by not only creating a brand new eSports division, but also by buying King Digital Entertainment for almost $6 billion dollars. 

The upcoming Warcraft movie is being made by Legendary Pictures, as the deal between Blizzard and Legendary was made in 2008, before Activision had actually purchased Blizzard. 

Is this a good idea on Activision's part? There has yet to be a truly successful video game adapted movie, either critically or commercially, but all the buzz surrounding both the Warcraft and Assassin's Creed movies proves that there is definitely a audience for this type of content.


Published Nov. 6th 2015
  • Federico Senence
    Featured Contributor
    I'm skeptical. The list for successful movies based on video games is pretty short. The WoW movie trailer looked decent, but I didn't get too impressed with the CGI work. It looked like in game cinematics more than movie grade material. All that being said, I can see why they are doing it. It's a business and if they can keep all the rights in house the potential is there for higher profits compared to licensing things out.
    Guess time will tell.

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