Dragon Slayer Award Nominee: CCP Navigator

Nominee for Community Manager of the Year

WantedThis entity is an enigma--other than the raw data collected by the EVE Online servers and the posts made on the forums. Based on the profile avatar, I will assume Navigator is a man. All I can tell you is that this 'man' has been part of [-CCP-] for 5 years 9 months and a member of [C C P] for 3 years 10 months. This individual has dealt 116, 383 points of damage and ended the lives of 73 people during his career. Despite our best efforts we have yet to properly identify or capture this elusive pilot.We have set a trap for him, however, by offering an award. Perhaps if Navigator receives your vote he will win and finally we will know the true identity of this man. His service to CCP, and the community surrounding him, have placed him as a nominee for community manager of the year in the Dragon Slayer Awards. Do your duty as a citizen and vote CCP Navigator so we can do our duty and apprehend him -- for being too good!


I am a self-described MMORPG addict. Not in the sense that my real life suffers, but rather my real life is enhanced.

Published Aug. 16th 2013

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