CHRONO MA:GIA -- Gifted Magia Skills and How They Work

Having trouble understanding how Magia Skills work in CHRONO MA:GIA? Here's a short guide on how to use them!

During CHRONO MA:GIA’s tutorial, you’ll be given a crash course on the game’s Magia Skills, which are CHRONO MA:GIA’s version of Hearthstone’s Hero Powers -- special abilities your selected character (or “Gifted”) can perform during their turn.

However, the tutorial doesn’t really do a great job of explaining how Magia Skills work, so if you’re still confused, then keep on reading.

What are Magia Skills?

Each Gifted has three trios (or “Gears”) of unique Magia Skills, with the player choosing one Magia Skill from each Gear to form the basis of their deck.

screen shot of the gear-based skill tree of CHRONO MA:GIA

CHRONO MA:GIA’s deckbuilding system is centered around these Magia skills. While there’s technically no restriction on the types of cards you include in your deck, your Gifted's Magia Skill requirements and synergies will heavily influence which types of cards you use. For example, many of Elena’s Magia Skills require Demons to use, but some of them will also make your Demon stronger.

How to Use Magia Skills

As you’d expect, many Magia Skills have MP costs that must be paid, but the symbols listed next to each skill name are the types of creatures you must control in order to activate that skill.

Details of the Moonlight Strike skill

Most creatures in the game have a suit type (Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts, and Spades) and a creature type (Dragon, Undead, Fae, etc.), all of which contribute to fulfilling your Gifted’s Magia Skill requirements.

For example, Shoulder Slice requires you to control a Diamond creature, whereas Moonlight Strike requires you to control a Spade creature, two Diamond creatures, and a Construct creature. Of course, since you can only control three creatures, at least one of those creatures will need to be a Diamond/Spade type and a Construct.

The Golem of Spades card depicting Magia Skills

Using Magia Skills in Battle

Your Magia Skills are located in the bottom-right corner of the screen, and the game will helpfully highlight the skills you can use in green. You’ll also be able to view your progress towards fulfilling Magia Skill requirements on your Gifted’s Gears.

a typical battle screen in CHRONO MA:GIA

Theoretically, you should know what your Magia Skills do since you pick them, but if not, you can tap and hold your Gears to see the details of your three Magia Skills (same goes for your opponent's Gears in the top-left corner of the screen).

While there’s no cooldown on your Magia Skills, you can only use one Magia Skill per turn, even if you’ve met the requirements for more than one of them.


That's the basic gist of how Magia Skills work in CHRONO MA:GIA. If you have any questions or have something you want to add, leave a comment!


Published Apr. 17th 2018

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