Echo of Soul: Necromancer's Den Dungeon Guide

Everything you need to know for Necromancer's Den.

In Necromancer's Den, the player needs to learn how to deal with groups of targets and chaining battles. There are several points in Necromancer's Den where you have to face multiple enemies, and it can get rough, depending on your class and how you spec'd.

How To Deal With Groups:

It's a fairly easy task as an AoE spec. You just drop your best AoE damage on the enemies and watch them die. As a single target spec, you really need to just burst down the first couple so that you're not taking a lot of heavy hits. In my recording I'm running a hybrid spec Stormguard.


Captain Jaco is nothing special, just a stronger version of the Keshet Officers with a ground telegraph for the gray bar skill. Captain Sakarth, on the other hand, is a bit trickier. He uses the same move as the Skeleton Officers, but it also summons an add. In Hero mode he seems to use this more frequently. You should be able to kill the add while Sakarth is in animation lock, or shortly afterwards.


When you enter the last room and approach the weird floating pedestal, you'll spawn four consecutive waves of monsters. The first set is just zombies, second set is archers, third is 2 zombies and a Skeleton Officer, and fourth is more zombies. In my opinion, the archers are the most troubling since you can't just AoE them down. After the fourth wave, Keshet will spawn. Heal up before you aggro him.

There are two attacks of note on Keshet. The first gives you no warning other than the notification sound and yellow system text. Keshet will punch the ground and a delayed circle will appear. Wait for the circle to appear before you move, otherwise you'll still get hit. The other is a move called Bedrock Shuffle. To avoid this attack, you want to jump just as the bar is about to fill up. Timing is important on this, as the attack hits pretty hard. Master these two attacks and you're good to go.

That wraps up my Necromancer's Den dungeon guide. Be sure to check out my Echo of Soul guide list for more walkthroughs. Leave comments, questions, or concerns in the section below and I'll try to get back to you. Check back for more Echo of Soul content in the near future.

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Published May. 17th 2015

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