Lost Ark: Sunflowers for my Love Guide

Sunflowers for my Love will earn you two Charisma points in Lost Ark. Here's how to complete it.

Even if you have completed the Lost Ark main story, there is still plenty to explore in the game, including side quests, collectibles to find, and hidden stories to complete. One of such hidden stories, "Sunflowers for my Love" requires players to solve two clues within a time limit. In this article, we're going to walk you through solving them both.

How to Complete Sunflowers for my Love in Lost Ark

As Lost Ark's hidden stories like this one are timed, you should give this guide a full read-through before starting the quest. If you happened to have already started it, you can attempt to quickly read through and finish it off, though you'll be racing the clock.

Alternatively, you can restart the quest by heading to the starting point of the quest and reinvestigating, giving yourself a fully reset timer. Below, we'll explain how to initiate the story. If you've already done so, you can skip ahead.

How to Start Sunflowers for my Love

To start this hidden story, make your way to Prideholme, found in the southwest region of the continent of Rethramis. Head to the southeast of this city to find a little house with some sunflowers in the front garden, next to a stone wall. Approach this door and you'll be prompted to investigate. Doing so will begin the quest and start your timer.

How to Solve the Two Clues

The first clue will appear on your screen when you initiate the quest, and will imply that you need to get to the Loghill Wildflower Garden. Walk north of the house and up the street to the northeast to warp to Loghill. 

Once in Loghill, quickly make your way to the following location on your map, northwest of the portal from Prideholme. Here, you will find a bunch of sunflowers that you can investigate in plain sight, to the left of a broken wooden cart.

You will then receive your second clue. This one tells you to go back to Prideholme, so traverse back to the portal and then back to the house you initiated the hidden story at. Investigate the sunflowers to the right of the front door to solve the second clue and complete the hidden story.

Be very careful not to investigate the door by accident, as that would restart the story. Once complete, you will earn two Charisma points.

That is all you need to know about completing this rather straightforward hidden story in Lost Ark. If you're interested in learning about other quests in this sensational title, you can do so by checking out our guides hub!


Published Feb. 22nd 2022

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