Face-swapping our favorite video game characters

Have you ever wondered how Batman would look like in Darth Vader's mask? Check out how face-swapping works for these popular video game characters.

Face-swapping was expertly introduced to the world of media in the 90s after the release of the film “Face/Off” with Nicolas Cage and John Travolta. That was an ultimate face-swap and it worked great in the movie.

Later the same technique was used for commercial album covers, of which the best representative was the seminal electronic EP by Aphex Twin “Windowlicker.” Since then, internet memes evolved to unseen heights. And now face-swapping has reached critical mass on social media.

But how many face swaps of your favorite video game characters have you seen? Not that many, isn’t it? Here’s our take on the world of gaming with a few thoughts to accompany this shameless swap-fest.

Solid Snake vs. Geralt of Rivia

The two iconic video game characters – Solid Snake and Geralt, The Witcher – always looked like it the same person, just in different outfits. They look especially similar in the latest installments of Metal Gear Solid and The Witcher series.

Now, all the modders need to do is make Geralt wear OctoCamo in the outskirts of Skellige, and make Snake put on some medieval armor with a couple of swords in the middle of Afghanistan. Nobody will even notice the difference.

Trevor Philips vs. Nathan Drake

Trevor is probably the most violent character in the history of video gaming, but it looks like he has a chance of finally becoming a good guy in the guise of Nathan Drake.

Meanwhile Nathan should just quit his majestic endeavors and settle down in some provincial southern town, at least that’s what his new look hints on.

Darth Vader vs. Batman

Batman needs to somehow utilize Vader’s mask in his suit, as it does look totally horror-inducing. Maybe a new series of comic books or an animated film would do justice to this mad cross-over.

It’s time for a new Batman – the one that has no empathy or sense of duty, but who is just a merciless hunter of the night.

Vaas vs. Pagan Min

The last two installments in the Far Cry series of games had some excellent villains, who were both well-written and acted. Now, what would happen if these characters switched their faces in the "Face/Off" style? Well, the result would be hilarious and not as nearly dangerous as with their original looks.

Joel vs. Aiden Pearce

Joel from The Last of Us must be the most humane character ever presented in video games thus far.

Unfortunately, you can’t say the same about the Watch Dogs protagonist, but despite a lack of depth, Aiden Pearce works well for the type of story Ubisoft decided to tell.

And now, something a bit special for Nintendo fans…

Super Mario vs. Pikachu

You know that something great should happen when your Mario turns into a Pokemon.

Bayonetta vs. Princess Peach

Bayonetta vs. Princess Peach

Bayonetta origin story coming soon…where she fights hordes of monsters as a cute girl with really, really big and innocent eyes.

If you can show a few face-swapping experiments of your own, then don’t hold back and share them in the comments section.


Sergey has been a freelancer in the video games industry for more than five years, writing for various publications around the world. His favorite games are MtG, Dark Souls, Diablo, and Divinity: Original Sin.

Published May. 11th 2016

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