25 World of Warcraft Tattoos that will Blow your Mind

Have a look at some of the top World of Warcraft tattoos on the Internet.

Like many gamers, I've got ink and quite a lot of it. I love it. I see tattoos not only as an extension of the person wearing them but as a piece of art (yeah, even the ones we'd consider bad, to some extent), carefully applied by the artist onto another's skin.

While scouring the Internet for inspiration for my next piece, I came across some very impressive World of Warcraft tattoos. Some of these have been done by amazingly talented artists from around the World which shows us, once again, that World of Warcraft is truly a global phenomenon.

1. Illidan Stormrage chest piece by Tymur Denysenko, Tattoo Artist / Designer from Odessa, Ukraine


2. The Lich King by Jamie Schene from Hesperia, California


3. Garrosh Hellscream by Timur Rumit, Tattoo Artist from Saint Petersburg, Russia


4. Pandaren by Feio Artwork from Heart of Buda Tattoo Studio in Lisbon, Portugal


5. Sylvanas Windrunner by Jake Danielson at Royal Ink in Milton, Australia


6. Ysera the Awakened by Janelle Wallis from Electric Tattoo, Morley, Australia


7. Tauren Crest by Don at Art in Motion Tattoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado


8. Horde crest from Unicorn Ink in North Providence, Rhode Island


9. Blood Elf by Marin Urbanc at Gandalf Tattoo in Zagreb, Croatia


10. Worgen by Clay McCay from Anonymous Tattoo, Savannah, Georgia


11. Full Sleeve of Frozen Throne images by Chris Jones from Physical Graffiti in South Glamorgan, Wales


12. Loque'nahak by Josh Herman at Mayday! Tattoo in Chicago, Illinois


13. Alliance watercolour tattoo by Russell Van Schaick, Tattoo Artist in Orlando, Florida


14. A Medley of Warcraft characters by Sin-66 Tattoo studio in Apeldoorn, Netherlands


15. Illidan and Sylvanus by unknown artist (Header)


16. The Lich King by Ken Broken at Fiction Tattoo in Woodside, New York


17. Sin'Dorei sigil by artist at the Tattoo Wearhouse in Spartanburg, South Carolina


18. Night Elf by Phoenix Artwerks in New Zealand


19. Frostmourne Sword by unknown artist


20. Horde Crest by Neal at Unhinged Tattoos in Ogden, Utah


21. Orc by The Bohemian Tattoo Club in Kokomo, Indiana


22. Malfurion Stormrage, once again, by Tymur Denysenko from Odessa in the Ukraine


23. Gnome Warlock by Chad Chase from Venom Ink Tattoo in Sanford, Maine


24. Deathwing by Alex at Needle Art Studio in Gorinchem, Holland


25. Horde Shield by unknown artist

So, there you have it! A nice list of World of Warcraft tattoos. Has it inspired you? I hope it has. Maybe you already have a Warcraft themed tattoo? If you do, I'd love to see it!


It all started with an Atari ST and here I am, all these years later, still loving video games! Indie games are where my heart is and where it'll stay. The world of indie video games is ever evolving and such an interesting arena to be a part of!

Published Jun. 8th 2020

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