Pokemon Sun and Moon Z-Ring Accessory Review

The Pokemon Z-Ring is a solid, durable, and neat little toy that is bound to excite children and put at least a small smile on adult fans.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is upon us! Today, Pokemon fans big and small are flooding into video game stores all over the world to pick up their copies of the latest Pokemon game.

Now, if you're a long time Pokemon fan, chances are that as a kid you announced your attacks while playing the game or tried to pose like Ash Ketchum at least once. While back then your choices were limited to toy PokeBalls, The Pokemon Company has released a brand new toy to go alongside the Pokemon Sun and Moon titles: the Z-Ring.

The Pokemon Z-Ring toy is a bracelet accessory that has the ability to pair up with the Nintendo 3DS and Pokemon Sun and Moon to add an extra level of immersion to the game. It is based off of the Z-Ring found in game, and reacts to the activation of Z-Crystals during gameplay.

The Z-Ring toy comes with several items: the Z-Ring bracelet, three Z-Crystals (Firium, Waterium, and Grassium), as well as a Pikachu figure. Each item has the level of quality that one would expect from the Japanese manufacturer, Tomy. The Pikachu figure in particular is rather adorable, and I can safely say without a doubt that it will be joining my old Charizard figure on my desk.

The Z-Ring adequately replicates the Z-Ring design found in the games, and is fairly comfortable even on an adult wrist. Those with thicker wrists might have difficulty wearing the Z-Ring, however -- it cannot be adjusted, and only unsnapped on the end opposite to the hinge. A black safety strap is also provided on the inside of the Z-Ring for children who have smaller arms as to prevent the device from slipping off. Z-Crystals can also be attached to the sides of the device, allowing you to carry a total of seven crystals at a time.

The most important features of the Z-Ring are of course its electronic components. Each Z-Crystal has three metallic connection points that attach to the prongs found on the top of the Z-Ring. A plastic button-clip holds the crystal in place, and has to be held down to unclip it. Once inserted, the device can be switched into Role Play mode to activate an effect.

The example above is the Firium Z-Crystal. Role Play mode is activating by flicking the switch to Option 2, and pressing on the button or inserting one of the various Z-Crystals available for purchase. When activated, the Z-Ring plays various sounds, glows, and vibrates.

The 3DS mode (Option 1) of the Z-Ring functions much the same as the role play mode. the difference is that instead of hitting the button on the Z-Ring, the device (while synced with your 3DS) will glow the color of the Z-Move that you activate in the game. It's a rather neat feature that may seem simple enough for adults, but is guaranteed to excite children who are playing the game while wearing it.

Final Thoughts

The Z-Ring accessory is a fun toy that is great for cosplay, as well as those looking for a bit more immersion with their Pokemon Sun and Moon games. It's not particularly necessary, and does feel somewhat gimmicky. However, if you're looking for something for a child, this is the perfect toy to pair up with the games as a Christmas or Birthday gift. It's also a great collectible item for anyone who enjoys collecting Pokemon memorabilia.

I give the Pokemon Sun and Moon Z-Ring a solid 8/10.

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The Pokemon Z-Ring is a solid, durable, and neat little toy that is bound to excite children and put at least a small smile on adult fans.

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Published Dec. 8th 2016

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