Star Wars: The Old Republic update 2.3 Goes Live

Update 2.3 brings lots of newness to that galaxy far, far away... including a privately owned moon, Tauntaun mounts and Ewoks. Why did it have to be Ewoks?

For those of you still playing Star Wars: The Old Republic (wave your light sabers in the air)... update 2.3, Titans of Industry, has gone live.

The update brings a couple of new level 55 Flashpoints (Czerka Corporate Labs and Czerka Core Meltdown), a new daily area (CZ-198), the game's first animal mount, a game-wide graphics upgrade, reward vendors for Bounty Contract Week, a new companion character, the usual bug fixes, and performance optimization tweaks.

"Titans of Industry” is a new story arc that will give players access to the aforementioned Flashpoints by traveling (via your ship or the Priority Transport Terminal) to CZ-198. This private moon is home to the Czerka Corporation, an industry leader in weapons design, droid manufacturing, and biological research.

The galaxy's favorite makeshift sleeping bag can now be wrangled and ridden! You too can get your very own Tauntaun from the new trainers on Hoth (in Aurek and Dorn Bases) for credits or by exchanging data you’ve collected. There are actually two versions available... one for free players (Mountain Tauntaun) and one for subscribers (Tundra Tauntaun). 

Bounty Contract Week starts... next week! Check out the mysterious Bounty Hunters on the Republic and Imperial Fleets to take out contracts and pursue dangerous criminals across the galaxy. The first Bounty Contract Week begins on August 14th and will continue for seven days. Additionally, Reputation vendors in the new Cartel Bazaar will let you take a peek at the upcoming rewards for this event. The Cartel Bazaar (complete with Appearance Designer kiosk, a Galactic Trade Network kiosk, and cantina) can be found in the respective fleets, accessible from the central elevators.

Last but not least... a new companion is available. Treek is a "deadly and unique" Ewok. When's the last time you thought of the words "deadly" and "Ewok" at the same time? Right... never. Anyway, she's (yes, she's a she) available through the Cartel Market for players 10 and above. She can also be purchased with credits by players with a Legacy level of 40+. Ewoks. Why did it have to be Ewoks?

When players log into their accounts the download for update 2.3 will begin automatically.

May the Force be with you... always.

Published Aug. 7th 2013

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