Loop Hero Guide: How to Unlock and Beat the Secret Boss

Find out how to unlock and beat the Loop Hero secret boss for the game's true ending.

To get the standard ending of the game, you must beat the four main Loop Hero bosses. However, developer Four Quarters a went one step further and included a secret boss, which can be summoned in the middle of the game, not the end. If you can beat this secret boss, you will get the true ending in Loop Hero.

This guide will tell you how to unlock and beat this secret Loop Hero boss. It a bit of preparation, so read on to find out what you need to do.

How to Unlock Secret Boss in Loop Hero

Defeat The Priestess

Before attempting to beat the secret boss, you must complete the entire second chapter of the game. This includes beating the Priestess.

The Necromancer is the best class for the Priestess boss fight because of its ability to summon skeletons. These skeletons can easily break through the stained-glass windows that the Priestess summons to protect herself, making this fight a bit easier.

Be sure to also place Forest tiles to increase your hero's attack speed by 1%, and Thicket tiles to increase it by 2% per tile.

Once you beat the Priestess, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Living Fabric
  • Orb of Immortality

Overlap Five Roadside Tiles

After the fight, you must collect five specific, wide area of effect roadside tiles:

  • Abandoned Bookery (Library)
  • Battlefield (Chests)
  • Blood Grove (Field Kitchen)
  • Bookery (Library)
  • Chrono Crystals (First Lich Battle)

If you can't find some of these tiles, can also get by using these cards instead: Beacon, Hungry Grove, Lamp Post, or Vampire Mansion.

Once you have all five tiles (or the cards mentioned above), you must place them so they overlap each other. You can place them anywhere. As soon as you do so, you wil notice a new tile with blue flickering lights appear next to them.

Apply the Oblivion card to this new tile, which summons a dimensional rift. Go through it to start the secret boss fight. 

Beat the Secret Boss

This fight is actually against four bosses, each of which represents one of the four Loop Hero developers. Here are their stats:

Boss Name
Damage Attack Speed
Deceiver 17000-18000 80-90 0.7
Finlal 800-900 90-100 1.14
Blinch 2000-2100 40-50 0.7
1 380-400 0.0


Each of the boss' stats can be randomized each time you attempt this battle. However, they'll always be very powerful, so taking them out is never a walk in the park. You have to be well prepared before fighting the four bosses, so don't summon them too early in the game.

For the fight you will need the following tiles:

  • Ancestral Crypt: This field tile not only increases your HP but also gives you a chance for revival after death.
  • Thicket: This tile increases your attack speed, so bring as many with you as you can. 
  • Burned Forest. Place this tile next to common forest tiles and turn your physical damage into magic damage, which ignores enemy defenses.
  • Desert and Sand Dunes: Both of these tiles reduce enemy HP. Spam these as many as you can.
  • Oasis: This tile has a similar function to Desert and Sand Dune tiles, but instead of reducing HP, it reduces the attack speed.

Once you have these tiles ready, you can summon the four bosses and follow this strategy to beat them all:

  1. Focus on Therandom first, as this boss usually has the least life, and his damage output is the highest.
  2. Switch to Finlal, while sending your summoned mobs at the other two bosses, distracting them.
  3. Fight Blinch and use evasion as often as you can.
  4. Finish off Deceiver, keeping in mind his immense HP pool and devastating, but dodgeable, lightning attacks. 

Of course, the strategy above is one of many, but it's one that consistently works. Once you have beaten all four bosses, you will be rewarded with the true ending of the game.

That's all you need to know on how to unlock and beat the secret boss for the true Loop Hero ending. If you're looking for more Loop Hero tips and tricks articles, then consider checking out our dedicated hub page!


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Published Mar. 15th 2021

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