Pokemon TCG: Best Rebel Clash Decks for Standard

Here are the five new top-tier decks for the Rebel Clash standard meta in Pokemon TCG, including their full decklists.

Rebel Clash, the latest Pokemon TCG expansion, has been very influential on the standard format. Several new archetypes have been born out of the V and VMAX Pokemon combos, and this guide will show you the five best Rebel Clash decks for standard.

The decklists below aren't definitive, and are designed to give you an idea of what to put in your own builds. But of course, you can still use them as they are, since these exact lists have been dominating the standard meta.

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Pikachu and Zekrom Tag Team

This deck is currently the biggest winner in Pokemon TCG with some exciting synergies and a few impactful new cards from the latest Rebel Clash set.

The basis of the list consists of Dedenne-GX, which draws you six cards when played; and Pikachu & Zekrom-GX, which fetches energy cards and deals with opponent's benched Pokemon.

The new additions to the deck are Boltund V, another energy fetcher and potentially a massive damage dealer; and Eldegoss V, which brings back important supporter cards from your discard pile.

Lightning energy plays a big role in this deck, and that's why there are 10 pieces of basic lightning energy cards and four copies of Speed Lightning Energy, which also draws you cards.

The most important supporter card in the list is the brand-new Boss's Orders, which switches benched Pokemon with active ones. This disrupts the opponent's gameplan and puts you in a clear advantage of the match-up.


This new archetype is based on the new evolution pair of Pokemon from Rebel Clash expansion: Dragapult V and Dragapult VMAX.

On its own Dragapult V isn't terribly dangerous, but if it evolves into the VMAX form, then you can distribute five damage counters on the opponent's benched Pokemon as you prefer. This will prompt your opponent to take a defensive position.

Horror Psychic Energy can help produce even more damage counters on opponent's Pokemon, including the active ones, which will further assert your dominance in the given match-up.

In case your Dragapult VMAX becomes threatened, you can use Scoop Up Net, a new supporter card, to bring him back into your hand and save the day.


Another evolution Pokemon from Rebel Clash has a surprising breakthrough in this meta. Rillaboom V and Rillaboom VMAX are quite incredible, as it turns out.

The basic form of Rillaboom has a devastating 220 damage attack called Wood Hammer, which is unusual for a basic Pokemon card. When it evolves into the VMAX card, it gains a huge boost to its HP and has an ability to grow its attack by discarding grass energy.

Speaking of grass energy: this Rillaboom deck has a new Turffield Stadium card from Rebel Clash that fetches grass energy from your deck, which makes the combo so easy to execute.


Poison effect is the star of this decklist, which focuses on three cards from Rebel Clash: Toxtricity V, Toxtricity VMAX, and Garbodor.

Toxtricity V must first poison an opponent's active Pokemon, and then it can hit for 180 points of damage using the Electric Riot ability.

This gets even better when evolved into VMAX, in which case Toxtricity deals 240 damage, which is more than enough to knockout almost any basic Pokemon and get a prize or two.

Garbodor helps this evolution team to set up these devastating beats using its Poisonous Puddle ability, which inflicts poison status effect on opponent's active Pokemon.


The current standard format wouldn't be complete without some kind of the Welder deck. Cinderace V and Cinderace VMAX fully embrace the power of Welder and fire energy in this meta.

Here you want to get to the VMAX evolution as quickly as possible and allow your opponent to attack your Cinderace with as much power as they can. Cinderace VMAX has a massive 320 HP pool, and soaks up all the damage dealt. Then, it uses all that extra damage and fights back.

This is definitely a very unusual approach to a Welder deck, but it works. That's why it is currently one of the top-tier decks in Pokemon TCG standard.

That's it on the best Rebel Clash decks for standard, and check out more Pokemon TCG guides right here.


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Published May. 25th 2020

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