11 Nintendo Games We Want on Mobile Devices Right Now

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Pilot Wings

A perfect game for mobile devices originally developed for the SNES, all about flight simulation.

There are a few flight simulation games out there, such as Pocket Planes but a Nintendo version would be so much more awesome.  

The objective of the game is to pass all the training areas and earn licences based on the difficulty of the level. Players need to complete tasks within a specified time limit, for example flying through floating markers. Points are awarded for the accuracy of the mission and time it took to complete. With success, the player completes the missions and earns the pilots wings.

This would be a great twist on flight mobile games and adding something completely different. The tilts on the phone would be used to move the plane left and right, with forwards and backwards tilting to be used to take off and land.

Published Dec. 14th 2016

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