11 Nintendo Games We Want on Mobile Devices Right Now

Super Mario 64

The infamous platformer for the N64, where Mario explored Princess Peach’s castle to save her from Bowser would be an interesting choice, as there are a great deal of missions to choose from.

In the game, the player is free to navigate Mario within the open-world of the environment and discover it without time limits. Mario meets enemies, friends and puzzles along the way. Stars are collected through completing tasks and it’s the stars that unlock parts of the castle.

Mario is able to walk, jump, swim and more by using the game’s controls and the swipe ability for mobile devices would be ideal to continue this.

Mario 64 would work so well for mobile devices -- we think most people want Mario games for every device they have! This could work as an endless runner, with the ability to switch the camera, between the view of behind or sideways to Mario. Players could tap or swipe their phones to perform attacks, jumps, or dodges. 

Published Dec. 14th 2016

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