11 Nintendo Games We Want on Mobile Devices Right Now

Viewtiful Joe

The side-scrolling beat ‘em up game is an interesting choice for a mobile game, as it’s more simplistic in movement, yet players require a degree of dexterity in combat.

Joe can move left, right, up and down on a fixed 2D path, within a platforming style. Combat consists of fighting multiple enemies simultaneously and Joe can punch, kick and dodge these enemies. Dodging enemies dazes them, which is a great opportunity to then fight back.

The VFX (Viewtiful FX) gauge within the game allows players to attribute super hero powers to Joe for a short period of time, and they also make him immune from attacks.

There is an element of a time management game already within this game, as the VFX Power attacks and coins that allow players to purchase more superior abilities. It would be easy to tap and click on enemies to cause damage, such as a kick or a punch, or perform special actions. Characters would move automatically.

Published Dec. 14th 2016

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